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Mantis VP-2033 remote control patch for Mantis tree cd1fc4c7f1d8

I have just reworked Kristian Slavov’s remote control patch for Manu Abraham’s latest Mantis driver tree. The original patch was posted in April 2007 on linux-dvb mailing list. The reworked version contains only the remote controller functionality and it applies cleanly to the latest version (cd1fc4c7f1d8) of the driver tree. The patch is available at

Here’s some tips to get it working:

  1. Get a snapshot of Manu’s tree from
  2. Extract the tree and apply the patch:
    tar jfx mantis-cd1fc4c7f1d8.tar.bz2
    cd mantis-cd1fc4c7f1d8
    patch -p1 < mantis-rc-cd1fc4c7f1d8.patch
  3. Compile and install
    make install

The remote control will be visible through /dev/input. You can check the correct device by running dmesg. You should be able to spot a like similar to this: “input: Mantis VP-2033 IR Receiver as /class/input/input3″. To use the remote control with VDR you will need something like vdr-remote.

Edit 1 (2008-05-19): A revised version of the patch is available here. It is against the driver tree revision b14e79e460fc.

Edit 2 (2009-01-05): A revised version of the patch is available here. It is against the driver tree revision 303b1d29d735 (works for VP-2040 too!).

Cycling season opened!

Yay! I got my bike fixed yesterday (had a flat front tyre etc.). I could not resist taking a short test drive in the evening and instead of just checking out that everything worked okay, I drove a 10 km route to the University and back home. I was able to maintain 20 km/h average speed which was fine after last winter with almost no physical exercise at all. Didn’t take it too seriously tho’, since I had jeans on and didn’t even have anything to drink. I guess I’ll have to try cycling my last summer’s regular route to Rajasalmen silta and back (about 40 km) soon.

I have decided to try tracking all my this summer’s cyclings using Nokia’s Sports Tracker so that I can check how much I cycled during the summer. I guess I will miss some workouts anyway, but some kind of total number of kilometers would be nice to see when summer ends.

SJSAS 9.1 u1, AJP/mod_jk and log4j troubles

I have been preparing for an update of Sun ONE Application Server 7 at work for some time now. A week ago I finally found a decent way to run Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 u1 on Solaris 9 under unprivileged account so that SJSAS could be reached on ports 80 and 443. The solution was to put Apache HTTP server in front of SJSAS using mod_jk and AJP (just like Tomcat often is installed). In the solution Apache will listen for the ports and deliver the requests to SJSAS using AJP. Gladly, Sun has provided instructions for this.

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Yay! I was finally bored enough to put up a blog. The default theme looks pretty awful, but I guess it’s the content that really matters. I will see if I have time to put up my own theme later. Until that I’ll try to adopt a habit of writing my findings and thoughts publicly from time to time.