Updated Mantis driver patch for the latest v4l-dvb

I ported Manu Abraham’s Mantis driver from his tree (revision 3c897a20ff8b) to the latest v4l-dvb tree (revision 28f8b0ebd224). I also ported the previous remote control support as an additional patch. The Mantis driver patch for the v4l-dvb tree is available here and the additional remote control patch is available here. Since I only have Mantis VP-2033, I don’t know whether the support for other Mantis cards work. At least mine works fine.

Manu has done some big changes to the Mantis driver since the revision 3c897a20ff8b, but I could not view any channels with those changes. Until it gets fixed, I’ll stick to the revision 3c897a20ff8b.


  1. MG says:

    Thanks for working on this! – I’ve got a VP-2040 (Terratec Cinergy C HD PCI) and am struggling get it working in a stable way. Currently, I’m using mantis from s2-liplianin, but get errors like
    ” mantis_ack_wait (0): Slave RACK Fail !”
    when I scan for channels (using “w_scan” which also spits out stuff like “undefined inner fec”…).

    Also, MythTV fails with “Program #1 not found in PAT!” and “ProcessPAT: Program not found in PAT.”

    I’ll give the v4l-dvb tree a try, and will be happy to try out patches if anyone provide some….

    I’m not alone having problems, see eg. http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.video-input-infrastructure/9092

    So – I very much appreciate your work, and know lots of people would be very happy if the VP-2040 (TDA10023) mantis driver would stabalize.


  2. boro says:

    Hi MG and thanks for your comment! Humble apologies for the delay in approving it. The whole status of the Mantis driver is a bit problematic. There has been a lot of different opinions on how the driver should be developed and this has led to a some kind of dead end with the development. Manu Abraham who is the original author of the driver has not worked on it for more than six months (based on his Mercurial tree) and I am not aware of any other developments either. The only Mantis card that I have is VP-2033, which works fine with Manu’s driver.

  3. MG says:

    No problem :)
    Yes, I know there are some disagreements between a couple of developers, sad story.

    However, I have managed to get the s2-liplianin mantis driver to work semi-stable with MythTV now – yay!


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