October 2008

Calling NetBeans 6.1′s SecureCalculatorApp example web service using WSO2 WSF/PHP

I have been working to get WSO2 WSF/PHP 2.0.0 to work with the SecureCalculatorApp example web service provided with NetBeans 6.1. I want to be able to call a secure web service created with NetBeans 6.1′s user interface from an application written in PHP. SecureCalculatorApp example provides a really good starting point for a simple interoperability test.

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Glassfish and Web service request dumping for debugging

I have recently been working to get some web services to run on Glassfish, which uses Metro. The web services need to be called from different clients (some not even written in Java) and unfortunately not all clients work as documented. Sometimes it’s because of incorrect configuration, sometimes because of interoperability problems etc.

Comparing the requests sent by different clients makes it easier to debug the reasons for the problems. Since not all clients allow dumping the created requests upon sending, it would be nice if it was possible to ask Metro to do it. Fortunately, this is possible through configuration. For doing this, Arun Gupta describes the possible properties in his blog.

The easiest way is to add parameters


to your Glassfish domain’s domain.xml as jvm-options elements.