Calling NetBeans 6.1′s SecureCalculatorApp example web service using WSO2 WSF/PHP

I have been working to get WSO2 WSF/PHP 2.0.0 to work with the SecureCalculatorApp example web service provided with NetBeans 6.1. I want to be able to call a secure web service created with NetBeans 6.1′s user interface from an application written in PHP. SecureCalculatorApp example provides a really good starting point for a simple interoperability test.

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Cycling season opened!

Yay! I got my bike fixed yesterday (had a flat front tyre etc.). I could not resist taking a short test drive in the evening and instead of just checking out that everything worked okay, I drove a 10 km route to the University and back home. I was able to maintain 20 km/h average speed which was fine after last winter with almost no physical exercise at all. Didn’t take it too seriously tho’, since I had jeans on and didn’t even have anything to drink. I guess I’ll have to try cycling my last summer’s regular route to Rajasalmen silta and back (about 40 km) soon.

I have decided to try tracking all my this summer’s cyclings using Nokia’s Sports Tracker so that I can check how much I cycled during the summer. I guess I will miss some workouts anyway, but some kind of total number of kilometers would be nice to see when summer ends.


Yay! I was finally bored enough to put up a blog. The default theme looks pretty awful, but I guess it’s the content that really matters. I will see if I have time to put up my own theme later. Until that I’ll try to adopt a habit of writing my findings and thoughts publicly from time to time.